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Unconditional Love

Debut book by Laura Barrett
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My Story

I’ve always loved reading and writing, becoming a wordsmith in my career as a successful content editor and copywriter for brands and magazines. So when life took an unexpected turn and I found myself thrust into an unfamiliar medical world with my youngest son, I decided to use my experience to author my debut book.


This book aims to offer hope and inspiration to all parents of a child with anything perfectly imperfect. Those special little Elmer elephants with a unique start in this world and journey through life. Whether it’s a medical diagnosis, long hospital stays or like us, entering the world of cystic fibrosis specifically.

I share the tools, techniques and supportive information I discovered to learn, grow and find a new stronger version of me, while managing and navigating challenging situations, and accepting life’s new path.


This is the book I wanted, but couldn’t find, so I made sure it’s waiting in the wings when the next family need it. Whatever parents are going through with their child, I hope they find some value in this book that makes their experience just that tiny bit more manageable.

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Unconditional Love

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"The chapters on breastfeeding and expressing helped me so much when Raffi first went into the Special Baby Care Unit. It was the help I needed when I felt so helpless. Raffi will be forever grateful for the litres of milk we left the hospital with."


Mum of three boys


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